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Anzio is a very historical place, which has many touristic attractions.


Who wants to visit Rome, will find convenient the position of the hotel. Hotel Villa Marina you find 600 meters far from the central train station of Anzio. To go to and from Roma you need to use the line FR8 (Roma Termini - Nettuno).





La Villa Imperiale - "Villa di Nerone"

The Villa Imperiale - "Villa di Nerone"

Anzio was the birthplace of the Emperor Nero. At 100 meters far from the hotel you can visit the famous archaeological park "Villa of Nero."

Certainly is one of the most impressive and the most famous archaeological remains of the ancient Antium known in the world. The grand imperial villa is extended along the coast, is large 80 meters and more  than 800 meters long.



The Allied Landing

Anzio is internationally known for being the scene of one of the most famous actions of the Second World War, the landing from which she was named. On 22 January 1944, the Allied armies began to land on a wide coastal strip. The Museum of the Landing of Anzio is 600 meters away. Each year in Anzio 22 of January is a memorial day for this event.

Museum website: http://www.sbarcodianzio.it/index.php?lang=it



The Beach 'Rivazzurra'

The adjacent beach 'Rivazzurra' is situated 200 meters from the hotel and has an agreement with the hotel.





The Port

The old town of Anzio and the harbor are within walking distance of 15 minutes. In the port is possible to buy tickets for the ferry to the island of Ponza.





Zoomarine Park

Zoomarine is a marine amusement park located on the Roman coast in the municipality of Tovaianica (Torvajanica) in the province of Rome. It 'a birth theme that offers the opportunity to learn about the marine world by combining the attractions typically marine (shows of dolphins, sea lions, etc..) with games (roller coaster, swimming pool, water park, etc..).




Rainbow MagicLand Rome

Rainbow Magic Land is an amusement park located in Valmontone in the province of Rome. Due to its proximity to the capital is also known as amusement park in Rome. Rainbow Magic Land covers 600 thousand square meters and houses 35 attractions in a setting that recreates the setting of fairy tales. In the park there are attractions for both children and adults, divided in 3 parts: for children, for families and for the more adventurous.